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Speak Better English

Improve Your Pronunciation

Do people find you hard to understand because of bad pronunciation ?
This is a customised course with Face-to-Face correction which will improve your pronunciation.
Boost your confidence and optimise your future.

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What Will I Get?

 I am a TESOL certified teacher with 11 years experience of teaching English to French speakers. I understand the problems that French speakers have with English and I have created this course for those who need or want to improve their pronunciation of English.

 I have met many people with a good level of English who are very difficult to understand because of bad pronunciation. The aims of this course are to make you easily understandable and to boost your self-confidence.

 This course is different because it includes face to face lessons via the internet to answer your questions, to help you with your difficulties and to ensure that you are making progress.

 The course consists of 11 downloadable lessons in PDF format and mp3 audio files, and a face to face session with your tutor via Zoom/Skype after each lesson.

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What Will I Study?

 You will study all aspects of English pronunciation with the emphasis on what you personally need. We will look at the vowel sounds in English and how to make them and at the consonants that are different from those in French. We will study and discuss word stress and sentence stress (l’accent tonique ou l’accent d’intensité) including the all-important 'schwa'.

 You will learn how to produce fluent, connected speech using liason, elision, pausing and chunking, intonation and rhythm. Of course there are also lots of audio exercises to help you practice making the correct sounds and it is important that you practice, practice and practice some more.
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What Will It Cost?


Future payments can be cancelled at any time.

You will need a computer with Zoom or Skype installed, and a webcam/microphone.

The lessons are compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.

The lessons are downloadable and yours to keep.

 Most learners start with a personal assesment. This is an hour long session with a tutor who is experienced in teaching French speakers and will identify your problem areas and prepare a written report to show you what YOU need to study and practice to improve your pronunciation. In the class we will asses your skills in four areas of speech : 1) Vowel sounds; 2) Consonant sounds; 3) Stress and Tone - the music of English; 4) Joined speech.

 Your assesment costs just €24. Afterwards you can study on your own or join our pronunciation course. You can also join the course without an assesment if you wish.